Case studies of 4D BIM applications

Rahmawati, Aulia and Prof. Wei-Chih Wang and Dr. Eng. Indradi Wijatmiko, ST., M. Eng. (2019) Case studies of 4D BIM applications. Magister thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.



English Abstract

Building Information Model (BIM) has been developing very rapidly. Meanwhile, Indonesia still uses manual practice to plan and control schedule in construction projects. This maybe the right time to improve the Indonesia's construction industry via BIM. This study applies 3D design and scheduling to a hotel construction project located in Indonesia. Moreover, the use of 4D BIM is expected to assist in the construction preparation process until to control the ongoing construction project. Currently, Indonesia practice uses a superimposed method to check clash detection, uses "Guidelines for Analysis of Work Unit Prices and IK" to create a proper plan schedule, and uses the monthly report to control the actual schedule. Such a practice (i.e., the project work is done manually, with little help of software tools) makes human ability of an engineer to be a determinant of success. Although the construction industry in Indonesia already has standards, the current method is very complex, and it would be very difficult to apply in large projects. To improve Indonesia's construction practice, BIM can be applied to use clash detection to check whether the design is in the right position. BIM 4D planning (integrating 3D design and scheduling) can help visualize a project plan. Finally, this study presents a comparative analysis of data processing through manual practice and BIM. The case study has showed that BIM is very helpful in Indonesia's construction projects, including minimizing mistakes, assisting in supporting data both in submitting reports and checking data. However, Indonesian engineers must get familiar with those BIM software packages first before they can be successfully implemented to the practice.

Other obstract

建築資訊模型(BIM)發展非常迅速。同時,印尼仍然在營建工程控制實際進度 中,採用手工方式,現在或許正是透過 BIM 提升印尼營建產業之最佳時機。本研究 所導入 3D 設計和進度管理的案例,為位於印尼的飯店工程。在本研究中利用 4D BIM,預計能夠輔助施工準備過程,藉以控制正在進行的施工項目。 目前,印尼營建業使用疊加的方法檢查衝突碰撞,使用工作單位價格分析指 南和 IK 制定適當的計劃時間表,並使用每月報告來控制實際進度。這種作法(透過 人工完成,軟體作為工具使用率很低),使得工程師的個人能力,成為工程專案成功 的決定因素。儘管印尼的營建業已經有了標準,但目前的方法非常複雜,若導入於 大型項目,將很難應用。 為了改善印尼的營建,BIM 可以在 3D 中完成碰撞檢測,幫助準備正確的設 計,它可以顯示設計是否於正確的位置,以及是否有衝突之發生。BIM 4D 透過 3D 設計和進度表間的整合,可以可視化地瞭解工程專案之規畫。最後,本研究透過案 例,比較印尼的人工做法與導入 BIM 之差異。案例分析結果顯示,BIM 對印尼營建 工程應該非常有助益,包括可減少執行時的錯誤,並協助提交報告和檢查數據。惟 印尼工程師後續必須先熟悉這些 BIM 軟體才能達到上述成效。

Item Type: Thesis (Magister)
Identification Number: TES/690.028/RAH/c/2019/041904863
Uncontrolled Keywords: Keywords: 4D BIM, Indonesia, Phase Planning, Clash Detection
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 690 Construction of buildings > 690.02 Miscellany > 690.028 Auxiliary techniques and procedures, apparatus, equipment
Divisions: S2/S3 > Magister Teknik Sipil, Fakultas Teknik
Depositing User: yulia Chasanah
Date Deposited: 13 Sep 2022 02:29
Last Modified: 13 Sep 2022 02:29
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