Studi Kadar Blood Urea Nitrogen dan Protein Susu Pada Sapi Perah (Peranakan Friesian Holstein) Kondisi Heat Stress Yang Disuplementasi Phytogenic Compounds

Huda, Anzillia (2020) Studi Kadar Blood Urea Nitrogen dan Protein Susu Pada Sapi Perah (Peranakan Friesian Holstein) Kondisi Heat Stress Yang Disuplementasi Phytogenic Compounds. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.


Heat stress merupakan tekanan panas yang dialami oleh sapi perah selama beraktivitas pada lingkungan yang panas, tubuh akan secara otomatis memberikan respon untuk menyeimbangkan seluruh metabolik yang terjadi yang berdampak pada penurunan nafsu makan. Kondisi tropis di Indonesia yang terletak digaris equator memberikan dampak besar pada perubahan cuaca, sehingga sapi perah berpeluang besar mengalami heat stress. Ammonia merupakan produk samping pada metabolisme protein yang dilakukan didalam tubuh. Peningkatan Ammonia akan selaras dengan peningkatan kadar urea dalam darah. Tinggi rendahnya urea dalam darah merupakan suatu indikasi dari pengoptimalan metabolisme protein dalam tubuh. Suplementasi phytogenic compounds merupakan salah satu usaha agar sapi dengan heat stress dapat menstabilkan metabolisme yang terjadi didalam tubuh dan sebagai solusi penurunan heat stress pada sapi perah. Phytogenic compounds yang digunakan adalah cinamaldehid yang diekstrak dari kayu manis diharapkan dapat menyeimbangkan metabolisme yang terjadi melalui peningkatan nafsu makan. Hewan model menggunakan sapi peranakan Friesian Holstein multiparous yang dibagi menjadi dua kelompok yaitu kelompok kontrol dan kelompok phytogenic. Kelompok phytogenic diberikan dosis phytogenic compounds sebanyak 20 g selama 28 hari. Pada sapi kelompok phytogenic terdapat perbedaan kecenderungan penurunan kadar BUN dibandingkan dengan kelompok kontrol. Namun suplementasi phytogenic compounds tidak memiliki perbedaan nyata pada protein susu di kedua kelompok.

English Abstract

Heat stress is the condition experienced by the dairy cows during activities in hot environments, the body will automatically respond to balance the entire metabolic occuring in the body that have an impact on decreased feed intake. Tropical conditions in Indonesia which located on the equator have a major influence on climate change, it’s making dairy cows has a great chance of increasing heat pressure. Ammonia is a byproduct of protein metabolism. The increased amount of ammonia would elevate the rate of urea in the blood. The concentration of BUN in the blood is an indication of the optimization of protein metabolism in the body, milk proteins, and urea in the blood. Phytogenic compounds are secondary metabolites of plants that could increase metabolic rate and have many benefits as supplementation in animals. Phytogenic compounds used are cinnamaldehyde extracted from cinnamon, which is expected to balance the metabolism that occurs through increased feed intake. Furthermore, Phytogenic compounds supplementation hypothetically would positively support the performance of dairy cows experiencing heat stress conditions, such as milk protein. Twelve crossbreed Friesian Holstein cows (multiparous) were used in the experiment. The group divided into two groups, namely the control group and treatment group. The treatment group was supplemented phytogenic compounds as much as 20 g/day in the whole of the trial. The result showed that dairy cows receiving phtytogenic compounds had lower BUN level compared to control group at day 28. However, the effect phytogenic compounds did not affect the milk protein in both of groups.

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Item Type: Thesis (Sarjana)
Identification Number: SKR/FKH/2020/24/052003827
Uncontrolled Keywords: heat stress, blood urea nitrogen, phytogenic compounds, peranakan Friesian holstein, heat stress, blood urea nitrogen, phytogenic compounds, Crossbreed Friesian Holstein
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 636 Animal husbandry > 636.2 Cattle and related animals > 636.21 Cattle for specific purposes > 636.214 2 Cattle milk
Divisions: Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan > Kedokteran Hewan
Depositing User: Budi Wahyono Wahyono
Date Deposited: 10 Aug 2020 06:36
Last Modified: 09 Jan 2023 01:53
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