Strengthening Local Economy through Community-Based Tourism in Governance Perspective (Study at Sidomulyo Tourism Village, Batu City

Aulya, Rifka (2016) Strengthening Local Economy through Community-Based Tourism in Governance Perspective (Study at Sidomulyo Tourism Village, Batu City. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.



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Research background of this thesis's theimportant study of Community-Based Tourism implementation. Tourism has an important role to create and expandthe employment opportunities, promote development and increase the district own source revenue, enrich local culture, and preserve the environment. Batu City is one of famous tourism destinations in Indonesia which has a high potential in natural and agricultural tourism attraction. One of the problems that inhibit the development of CBT in Sidomulyo isthe capital limitation, inadequate facilities, lack of human resources and technology. Therefore, the implementation of tourism village should be based on community based tourism that emphasizes self-reliance and community empowerment. This study aims to gain an overview of the implementation of community-based tourism in Sidomulyo as the government's efforts in strengthening local economy in Sidomulyo Village. To obtain the overall and existing condition, researcher uses descriptive research type with a qualitative approach. The reason of researcher uses this descriptive study is to describe, and explain factual and accurate information on the facts and phenomenon that had already occurred. Research location is taken in Sidomulyo Tourism Village in Batu City, while the research sites are related to the location where the study was conducted of the research object. In this study, the researcher has identified four sites: Department of Tourism and Culture of Batu City; Department of Cooperative, Industry, and Trade of Batu City; Department of Agriculture of Batu City; and Communities of Sidomulyo village. This research consists of two main focuses that how does the implementation of CBT in Sidulmulyo can help to strengthen local economy in governance perspective and some factors which influence in CBT implementation. Type of data was primary and secondary data, while collecting data method consists of observation, interviews, and documentation. This thesis uses spiral data analysisby Creswell (2013). The research result shows that Sidomulyo tourism village development is being implemented with the concept of community empowerment or in the world of tourism is known as a community-based tourism (CBT). CBT implementation has the purpose todevelop tourism industry; promote rural tourism based on local community empowerment; create jobs; reduce poverty; build an independent and resilient society; create man who can innovate; and improve cross-sector cooperation in the tourism village development. Implementation of community-based tourism in Sidomulyo couldn't be separated from the role of the various stakeholders. It is accordance with the principles of governance that the implementation of development which involving all actors namely the state (government), private sector, and society. Local government of Batu City is an important actor in tourism development through CBT after the societies as the main actor. This is function of government regulations to control the operation of both the public and private sector.ln good governance, the government as the legislature should be closer to the citizen and residentwithout discriminate them. This is also done by Batu City by involving community in any policies that will be implemented in the development of tourism village in Sidomulyo. Community involvement in the decision making up to the implementation of the program would minimize obstacles that will be faced and to minimize the possibility of conflicts that can occur. This is also done as a form of transparency and government accountability to the public. This research has founded that each governance actors have the main role. Role of Batu local governments in the CBT development of Sidomulyo is as policy maker, financier, facilitator, program supervisor, and as an actor that makes the program activities. The role of Batu City government is to determine implementation of tourism villages in order to develop and improve the standard of living better for Sidomulyo communities. Private sector have role as a loan provider to the community, service providers and provide employment opportunities. The role of the private sectorcan give positive contribution to the development of tourism village in Sidomulyo directly or indirectly. Furthermore, communities become the main actor in CBT implementation. As the subject of tourism, it can be seen from the enthusiasm of people who participate in various activities and programs from the government in order to improve their innovation and quality of production. Community-Based Tourism in Sidomulyo Village had been able to bring significant changes to increase the income of local communities. Besides being able to open up employment opportunities for the local community, tourism activity in the village is able to improve the quality of life of Sidomulyo community. Community-based tourismdevelopment strategy and local economic development strategy also have same aim to provide some of the benefits and potential advantages in terms of both social and economic for local communities. LED seeks to combine cooperation and integration of all stakeholders to achieve sustainable development and be able to reduce poverty in local communities. The active involvement of various stakeholders is not only help to empower local communities, but also can contribute to realize local institutions that more transparent and accountable. CBT implementation in Sidomulyo can not run optimally without supporting factors. The main supporting factors is participation and coordination between all sectors, while constraining factors is lack of financial resources, and lack of appropriate legal system.

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