Shopping Motivation on Purchase Intention: Can Loyalty Program and Corporate Image Enhance Such Relationship?

Rahmawati (2014) Shopping Motivation on Purchase Intention: Can Loyalty Program and Corporate Image Enhance Such Relationship? Magister thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.


Penelitian sebelumnya dalam motivasi berbelanja hanya untuk mengklasifikasikan konsumen dalam grup atau tipe konsumen. Penelitian ini dimaksudkan untuk mengembangkan motivasi berbelanja untuk mengetahui pengaruhnya terhadap intensi pembelian dengan variable moderasi program loyalitas dan citra perusahaan didalam format hypermarket. Sample yang digunakan adalah mahasiswa S1 dan S2 yang pernah mengunjungi hypermarket sebelumnya. Alat analisis yang digunakan adalah regresi hirarki yang dibagi kedalam 4 model yaitu variable control, variable predictor, interkasi dua variabel, dan interaksi tiga variable. Hasil penelitian menunjukan motivasi berbelanja berpengaruh signifikan terhadap intense pembelian. Sedangkan program loyalitas dan citra perusahaan bukan merupakan variable moderasi, karena hasil interaksi dua variable tidak signifikan. Namun, program loyalitas dapat mempengaruhi intense pembelian secara independen, sehingga berfungsi sebagai variable prediktor tidak sebagai variable moderasi. Motivasi berbelanja dan program loyalitas merupakan kombinasi yang bagus untuk meningkatkan intense pembelian. Penelitian dimasa mendatang, disarankan untuk menggunakan variable yang lain sebagai moderasi seperti atmosfer took, strategi promosi atau lainya, dan juga menggunakan sample konsumen hypermarket yang sedang berbelanja di hypermarket dan benar-benar menggunakan program loyalitas.

English Abstract

Previous studies of shopping motivation as well as research to classify various customers into group or types. This present study intends to take first steps towards development of shopping motivation may have effect on purchase intention with moderating role of loyalty program and corporate image in hypermarket format. sample of 228 undergraduate and post graduate student where y had visited a hypermarket. Hierarchical regression was conduct to analysis that such of relationship. In this study was divided into 4 model including control variable, predictor variable, two way interaction and three way interaction. result indicated that shopping motivation was statistically significant can increase purchase intention. Loyalty program and corporate image as not moderating variable, because two interactions is not significant. However, loyalty program can affect independently (as predictor variable) on purchase intention. Shopping motivation and loyalty program may be good combination of marketing strategy to increase purchase intention in retail format. In future research, suggested using ano r variable such that store atmospheric, promotion strategy or o r variable as moderating variable and also general public as respondent is best sample.

Item Type: Thesis (Magister)
Identification Number: TES/658.834 2/RAH/s/041407347
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 658 General management > 658.8 Managemet of marketing
Depositing User: Endro Setyobudi
Date Deposited: 28 Nov 2014 14:23
Last Modified: 28 Nov 2014 14:23
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