“Policy Change Implication Toward Integrated Wonorejo Zone As A Strategic Economic Development Zone.

Dwinugraha, AkbarPandu (2013) “Policy Change Implication Toward Integrated Wonorejo Zone As A Strategic Economic Development Zone. Magister thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.


Integrated Wonorejo Zone is one of Development zone in Lumajang Regency. Location of this zone is in the Wonorejo Village, Kedung-jajang subdistrict. Development this zone is to improve potensial condition in three aspect consist of tourism, agriculture and SMEs and the expectation of government is want to move central of business from margin city to nortern area of Lumajang. Integrated wonorejo Zone have several facilities to support targets attainment, consist of waterpark, Green House, Agro Stand, Rest Area, Warehause Rabate, Restaurant, Central of Social Information and place of worship. Local governemnt of Lumajang can finishing development physical building of this zone in 2001. But in 2008, base on RTRW in 2008-2028 mindset development of this zone is change. Based on those RTRW, Integrated Wonorejo Zone mentioned as a Strategic Economic Development Zone. changes of condition in this zone also give implications toward concept, several facilities responsibility about management and attainment certainly inside. According to its problem, This research determine three question research consist of how the policy change implication toward Integrated Wonorejo Zone, What are consideration made by Lumajang Regency to determine changes of this zone and how is inovation made to develop integrated Wonorejo Zone as a Strategic Economic Development Zone. This research also use method of descriptive research with qualitative approach as well as analysis of data by John Seidel about qualitative data analysis. The result of this research explain that change condition in Integrated Wonorejo Zone caused by finance and management aspect. Several of facilities in Integrated wonorejo zone in fact is can`t sustainable and experience change functions because cost of maintenance and development is to expensive. Change of integrated wonorejo zone condition include change in green house building become circuit of motorcross, rest area become bird competition place and several facilities just become the disfunction building which noting developing process like a agro stand, warehaouse rabate and central of information building. Consideration made by Lumajang Regency to determine changes of integrated Wonorejo Zone consist of economic and managerial consideration. Inovation made to develop this zone consist of inovation that include warehouse rabat development, imitation include play ground for kids, local institution development to fulfill insustainable of old building and provide value added which include development of Tourism, art and culture office as well as husbandry office in zone of Integrated Wonorejo. From resut of this research, researcher determine a recomendation that the concept of Integrated Wonorejo Zone in the necessary review and determaine as a concistency grand development concept of this zone. In addition to improve developing this zone next, Lumajang local government must improve the status of the office of Tourism, art and culture become institution like level of Dinas.

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