Performan Reproduksi Kerbau Lumpur (Bubalus Bubalis) Di Kabupaten Malang

DwiW, Suhendro (2013) Performan Reproduksi Kerbau Lumpur (Bubalus Bubalis) Di Kabupaten Malang. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.

English Abstract

This reseach was conducted to determine the reproductive performance of swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in 4 districts at Malang Regency. This research material was 23 female mature buffaloes who at least has been twice calving. The buffalos spread in 4 districts of Karang Ploso (KP, n=8 ekor), Pakisaji (PS, n= 2 ekor), Kromengan (KM, n=5 ekor), Sumber Pucung (SP, n=8 ekor), respectively. The research was conducted by survey and sample ws determined by purposive random sampling. The results showed that average age of first calving were (KP=44,0 ± 2,6; PS=46,5 ± 2,1; KM=46,4 ± 1,1; SP=45,5 ± 2,2) months, first estrus after a calving (KP=4,5 ± 0,5; PS=4,5 ± 0,7; KM=4,6 ± 0,5; SP=4,6 ± 0,5) months, service per conception (KP=1,5 ± 0,5; PS=1,5 ± 0,7; KM=1,6 ± 0,5; SP=1,6 ± 0,5) months and calving interval (KP=16,6 ± 0,9; PS=16,5 ± 0,7; KM=16,6 ± 0,5; SP=16,5 ± 0,5) months, respectively.The reproductive performance of swamp buffalo was similar in four district areas of study and was in normal condition to support normal population increase.

Item Type: Thesis (Sarjana)
Identification Number: SKR/FPT/2013/68/051306040
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 636 Animal husbandry
Divisions: Fakultas Peternakan > Peternakan
Depositing User: Endang Susworini
Date Deposited: 17 Jul 2013 10:29
Last Modified: 19 Oct 2021 12:49
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