"Capacity Building Of Personnel Resources In Order To Improve Employee Performance” (Studies In Regional Employment Board Of Malang)

Azumi, IlmiFadhim (2014) "Capacity Building Of Personnel Resources In Order To Improve Employee Performance” (Studies In Regional Employment Board Of Malang). Sarjana thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.


Regional Employment Board of the Malang City Government, which is one government agency that has the task to assist the Mayor in the field of personnel, in performing their duties can not be separated from the role of its employee. The author found so many phenomena that develop in the long-term decline in public about the performance of our bureaucracy, one of which is often a gap between motivation, passionate people who want to become civil servants after their performance in the civil service. The fact that the case is a little motivation when the work is not worth the high motivation when they apply for jobs as civil servants. In addition, other causes of reduced performance of civil servants in the Government of Malang culture and our society is still not conducive to creating an environment that makes ones discipline. Discipline it is only apparent because they are afraid of the boss. This discipline when there is no supervision from superiors. In such conditions it seems difficult to develop a spirit of professionalism and productive culture in the scope of work duties. In this research, researchers used a qualitative research approach to descriptive analysis. The reason of the researchers in using descriptive research method is because the researcher wanted to describe in systematic data facts which is then analyzed and compared with normative standards that apply. The purpose of this descriptive study is to create a description, description in a systematic, factual and accurate information about the data. According to Bogdan and Taylor in Moleong (2001:3) that, qualitative research is used to produce descriptive data in the form of data written or oral from the people and behaviors that can be observed. The research generates this mentioned outline: (1) the effort to develop officials resource in an obvious purpose, which extends their working capacity, by planning a good officials education and training. The way should be, (1) officials selection to share in a current education and training. (2) officials assignment and presentation on formal tutoring. (a) Education and training is done through out the program of region official corpse which aim at developing and increasing officials working capacity and is done based on the regulated rule. To do the program, it is important to see the following : 1) the purpose of officials selection to share in a current education and training is to know official view and insight concerning their tasks and jobs, and to put attention to their ethics. 2) the purpose of officials vi assignment and presentation on formal tutoring is to enrich officials ability and develop their competency, particularly the officials at region official corpse of Malang. (b) Position’s promotion is done to give officials the more tasks and responsibility. It also function to motivate officials so that they can work harder and smarter. Whereas, official mutation or transmission is needed when the office must make rejuvenation. This way may give positive impact on officials working capacity. However , when mutation or transmission is as to follow officials will, mutation can only be bad plan. (2) Region officials corpse is going to face some of the issues if the office plan to develop its officials resources: (a) supported material should be filled in conducting tutoring and training is that the anchor-person and his or her source and the other material should be filled in the area of mutation and position’s promotion is that officials good preparation and filling in officials administration conditions as well as training track record. (b) Obtacles material may be found in tutoring and training program is that about official’s age. Enfeebled age is prevented from presenting the tutoring and training program. Whereas, there should be mentioned as obstacle materials in the process of giving mandatory or permission of presenting tutoring program is that the outcome or the traince is sometimes getting nothing. Last but not end, position promotion and mutation find their obstacles as officials have all over competency but their degree does not meet official’s technical condition. Suggestions can be made from the above research, one of all, is that the office should currently conduct regularly tutoring and training program, making the more selective trainee candidate as well as having selective control on the trainee. It is a need to have an exceptional tutoring program specified only to its officials. And region official corpse, Malang must regulate strictly to whom are compatible and skillful.

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