Rizaldi, Aldi (2018) Rancang Bangun Pengontrol Suhu Dan Kelembaban Pada Proses Fermentasi Tempe Menggunakan Kontroler Proporsional. Sarjana thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.

Indonesian Abstract

Rancang bangun alat pengontrol suhu dan kelembaban untuk proses fermentasi tempe dirancang untuk dapat mengontrol suhu dan kelembaban udara pada inkubator berdasarkan kondisi ideal sesuai dengan suhu dan kelembaban yang dibutuhkan untuk fermentasi yang diinginkan. Sebagai pengontrol suhu digunakannya kontroler Proporsional, dan untuk pengontrol kelembaban digunakannya kontroler ON – OFF. Pada pengujian, dilakukan sesuai dengan kondisi ideal, agar dihasilkannya tempe dengan kapang yang sudah terbentuk dengan set point suhu 30 ℃ dan kelemban udara yaitu 62%. Pada pengujian tersebut didapatkan settling time 120 detik, error steady state 0.011 % dan tidak terdapat overshoot.

English Abstract

The design of temperature and humidity control device for tempe fermentation is designed control the temperature and humidity of the air in the incubator, based on ideal conditions according to the temperature and humidity needed for fermentation. As a temperature controller the proportional controller is used, and for the humidity controller the ON-OFF controller is used. In terting, it was carried out in accordance with ideal conditions, so that the productions of tempe witth ,old that had been formed with a set point temperature of 30℃ and air humidity was 62 % in this test, settling time is 120 seconds, steady state error is 0.011%, and there is no overshoot, and humidity response is 63%.

Other Language Abstract


Item Type: Thesis (Sarjana)
Identification Number: SKR/FT/2018/1037/051811694
Uncontrolled Keywords: Suhu, kelembaban , Proporsional. Temperature, Controller, Proportional
Subjects: 600 Technology (Applied sciences) > 664 Food technology > 664.02 Processes > 664.024 Manufacturing processes
Divisions: Fakultas Teknik > Teknik Elektro
Depositing User: Budi Wahyono
URI: http://repository.ub.ac.id/id/eprint/162647
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