Ziadi, AhmedRizka (2016) The Implementation Of E-Goverment To Achieve An Effective Public Service (Case Studies On Qlue And CROP In Management Unit Of Jakarta Smart. City, Diskominfornas. Dki Jakarta Province - Indonesia),. Magister thesis, Universitas Brawijaya.

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Public service has a central role wi many aspects of human l and also as the functions in maintaining the existence and growth of the community, the nation and the state. As a capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is the highest population level of urbanization that make the city face the big problems. such as energy, environment, security, and bureaucracy. In the era of digital government, smart city program become a solution to solve the problems, especially in public service. Smart city is an innovative city and has ability to manage the resources by utilizing ICT to improve public service become more effective, efficient and sustainable. Qlue and CROP are integrated applications of Jakarta Smart City that can accommodate all complaints reported by citizens. It was proved normatively through President Instruction No. 3 of 2003 pertaining to National Policy and Strategy Development of E-Govemment and Act No. 14 of 2008 pertaining to Public Information Openness as legal foundation in the implementation of smart city program in Jakarta. Furthermore, this paper used descriptive research method with qualitative approach. This study aims to describe and analysis: (1) the implementation of e-government (smart city program) by using Edward III model. When analyzed, it was found that Jakarta Provincial Government have lack of communication among Rt/Rw in reporting by Qlue three times in every single day for requirement if they want to get incentive from regional budget. Most of Rt/Rw were rejected the Governors Instruction because of time limit in their activities as employees and other. (2) the obstacles and challenges in implementing smart city program. Some obstacles occurred are the socialization was not maximized in understanding of Smart City in the internal of Jakarta provincial government, the lack of Governor regulation regarding to data integration from each SKPD to the team unit of JSC, different data format between SKPD and team unit of JSC due to the lack of Governor regulation, the lack of Server Private which becomes a data bank to accommodate all the incoming data. And most of Rt/Rw (as head of villages in Jakarta) were rejected the Governors Instruction which required to report by Qlue app three times a day. (3) the achievement an effective

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Item Type: Thesis (Magister)
Identification Number: TES/352.38/ZIA/t/2016/041611313
Subjects: 300 Social sciences > 352 General considerations of public administration > 352.3 Executive management
Divisions: S2 / S3 > Magister Ilmu Administrasi Publik, Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi
Depositing User: Budi Wahyono
URI: http://repository.ub.ac.id/id/eprint/156786
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